The first ezShare WiFi SD cards are now on sale in Australia.


Voted a PMA Hot Picks winner at the recent 2012 DigitalImage Show, the  ezShare WiFi card cantransfer images and video clips wirelessly to a smartphone, tablet PC orcomputer for automatic storage. This technology has some valuable professionalapplications as it allows photographers, journalists and reporters to feed imagesshot in the field to newsrooms or blogging sites. For snapshooters, it enableseasy uploading to social networking sites like Facebook and Flickr. The newcards can also be used as standard SDHC cards when the Share function isswitched off.

ezShare WiFi SD cards conform to the IEEE802.11b/g/nwireless standards and offer Calss 6 data transmission speeds as standard butare customisable to Class 10. The peak transfer speed is 1.5MB/second and the card will support up to 5users simultaneously.

File formats supported include JPEG, RAW, AVI, MP4 and MOVand browser support is provided for Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, Chromeand UC Browser for mobile devices.

The 8GB card is priced at an RRP of $99.95 plus postage andhandling. Cards are now available for purchase at