ExpoImaging has released an update to its patented digital white balance filter, introducing user-selectable warming gels and an improved mounting design.

The new ExpoDisc 2.0 provides an easy and accurate way for photographers to set a custom white balance meter for exposure, and to dust map the image sensor. Each ExpoDisc 2.0 is individually calibrated by hand in the USA, for neutrality, and to provide an 18% total light transmission across the visible spectrum. This neutrality is important because using a non-neutral tool for white balance can actually add undesirable colour casts to images. The new product includes four warming filters (gels). It is available in 77 mm and 82 mm filter sizes to fit a variety of professional lenses and comes with a sturdy carry pouch and user quick start guide plus a calibration certification card.
For additional information visit: www.colorconfidence.com.