Australian photo trade website Photo Counter has advised us that some local distributors will be implementing general price rises on 1 April.

According to a report in the up-coming Photo Counter newsletter, “Most of the Japanese companies run on an April-March financial year so it could be that we will see more-or-less across the board price rises from April 1.” The article says that, “Canon Australia have informed Sun Studios [which is owned by Canon – ed.]  that they will be implementing revised RRPs for DSLR cameras and interchangeable lens portfolios“¦ This will reflect a shift in market factors and the new prices are based on continuing competitive benchmarking at both global and local level.” James Murray from Nikon  recently told  ProCounter  that price rises over there would be around 10-15 percent in 2016 (exchange rate-driven) and lens prices would possibly be impacted more severely.

Readers considering the purchase of new imaging equipment are advised to check with their local specialist photographic shop before the end of this month. As the Photo Counter article says, “Factor in the ATO’s  $20,000 small business capital goods instant depreciation rule, and buying before April 1 and claiming the purchase against your income not long after seems like a good plan.”