19 August marks World Photography Day, an annual worldwide celebration of the art, craft, science and history of photography.

Initiated on 19 August, 2010, World Photo Day hosted its first global online gallery in celebration of the invention of the Daguerreotype, a photographic process developed by Frenchmen Louis Daguerre and Joseph Nicephore Niepce in 1837, the patent for which was purchased by the French government and bestowed as a gift “free to the world”. (Source: Economic Times)

From humble beginnings, with only 250 people participating in 2010, the event now reaches a global audience in excess of 500 million. Participants have the opportunity to share their photographs and raise awareness of the issues that are important to them and their communities. The main aim of World Photo Day 2019 is to inspire positive change across the world.

While there are many other websites where billions of photos are uploaded every hour, World Photo Day 2019 provides a great opportunity for photographers to come together.