SUNSTUDIOS, which is backed by Canon Australia, has launched of a new online print marketplace, SUN Editions, featuring images by leading Australian artists.

One of the images from the initial SUN Editions collection: Ngarigo Country by Saskia Wilson. © Saskia Wilson.

Established to provide discerning art buyers with access to the works of leading Australian artists, the first collection will include work from nine emerging and established artists from across the nation, all of which have made between eight and ten works available for sale exclusively on SUN Editions for a 12-month period or until sold out. The artists being featured include: Ingvar Kenne, Michaela Skovranova, Nicole Reed, Paul Blackmore, Sarah Pannell, Saskia Wilson, Simon Harsent, Steven Chee, and Toby Burrows. The SUN Editions Collection will be available to view as a gallery exhibition at SUNSTUDIOS Sydney, between 23 April – 19 May 2021. The exhibition will be open to the public with entry free of charge. Click here for more information.