The Australian Centre for Photography’s annual ‘In dialogue’ exhibition features two live music photographers, Ruth ‘Ruthless’ Medjber (Ireland) and Maclay Heriot (Australia).

© Ruth Medjber, Régine Chassagne, Arcade Fire, 2019. 

These two photographers regularly travel from their home communities, Dublin and Sydney respectively, to work at key music festivals and follow bands on tour. Faced with the challenge of creating a public image for their subjects, this exhibition presents live music portraiture in an intense and active mode, depicting musicians in a way that captures their distinctive ‘sound’. From images of musicians in amongst their fans, to candid shots behind the scenes and studio portraits – each frame reveals the intensity of a moment and music’s capacity to connect us.

The exhibition opens on 23 June and runs until 15 August, 2020. Entry is free of charge. Click here for full details.