Samantha Poling from Photography Studies College has been named as the winner of the GradFoto 2022 Award for their series “Home Beautiful”.

© Samantha Poling, Faded, 2022; form the series “Home Beautiful” which won the GradFoto 2022 award.

Award judge, Jeff Moorfoot said, “The judges considered a whole range of criteria in selecting the winner of GradFoto 2022, based not only on aesthetic and technical aspects of the work but also on the selection of images and sequencing of their presentation. Prizes such as GradFoto are a great opportunity for developing photo-media artists to gauge where they sit at this early stage of their careers and can be a great boost to their future development. Samantha Poling’s submission ticked all of these boxes and presented a folio that included aspects of both photography and design in a considered and engaging manner.  It can be challenging for a student photographer to break out from a cloistered education environment to put their work out for critical assessment by an informed and respected panel, so I congratulate all the participants for having the courage to enter GradFoto 2022 and wish you all well on your respective photographic journeys.”
GradFoto 2022 Finalists’ images can be viewed online here. One finalist will be awarded a cash prize of $500 for the People’s Choice Award, as voted by the public via the online exhibition website.