The Centre for Contemporary Photography will open a new exhibition titled ‘We, Us, Them’ at 404 George St, Fitzroy in Melbourne on Friday 18 February.












Image: Milpa Space, Spinifex Arts Project,  Piranpa, 2019. Courtesy the artists.

The exhibition is the first outcome of a collaborative relationship between Belfast Exposed, Belfast, UK and CCP. Conceived as part of the 2021—22 UK/Australia Season it focuses upon the question of ‘what does it mean to represent a community?’ Images on display represent the works of a diverse group of artists’ exploration of complex and personal ideas around communal history, identity, and place. Featured artists include Cate Consandine, Anu Kumar, Deirdre Robb and Leslie Cherry, Raphaela Rosella (with Dayannah Baker Barlow, Kathleen Duncan, Tricia Whitton and family), Julie Rrap and Milpa Space, Spinifex Arts Project (Maureen Donegan, Timo Hogan and Janine Hogan and Louise Allerton).
The opening of the exhibition will be held between 6:00 and 8:00 pm on Friday, 18 February. To keep visitors safe, bookings are required, COVID-safe practices are in place and the event will be delivered in two timed sessions. Attendees can book their preferred entry time through Eventbrite at this link.