An exhibition of photographs by the celebrated mid-20th Century Australian photographer, Max Dupain, opens at the Lismore Regional Gallery on 5 May.

Max Dupain, Meat Queue 1946, black and white silver gelatin photograph. Printed by Jill White.

This collection of more than 60 original photographs was hand printed by Jill White, who worked as a studio photographer, and manager, of the Max Dupain studio. This role continued until around the time of Dupain’s death in 1992 and  the Dupain Exhibition Negative Archive was bequeathed to Jill White with instructions to print, exhibit, publish and sell his images. The display records a bygone era of Australian society from the 1930s to 1980s. Among the images are some of Australia’s most iconic photographs of beach culture, landscape, fashion, and the grand vistas and quiet moments of city life. The collection includes photographs of the construction of the Sydney Opera House and powerful images of the new Sydney Harbour Bridge. Dupain’s work is an inspiration to any aspiring photographer or voyeur of culture.

The exhibition will run until 8 August, 2021. Click here for more information.