The Centre for Contemporary Photography has announced a four-day program of exhibitions and events showcasing six fashion photographers co-presented with new works by The Huxleys.

Image by Jo Duck, ‘Spiderman waits in Corolla 2021’. Image courtesy the artist.

The four-day program includes exhibitions of more than 60 works and events involving Melbourne-based performance and visual artists Will and Garrett Huxley’s presentation, Places of Worship.  The event offers an expanded frame of reference that champions and contributes to the diverse engagement with fashion, photography and the culture these artists encapsulate. The Six Fashion Photographers display features works by Zac Bayly, Jo Duck, Daniel Goode, Jamie Heath, Ted Min and Daphne Nguyen and offers a platform for its participants and audience to engage, respond and collect.

The event runs from 8 to 11 July. Click here for more information and to reserve timed-entry tickets, which are available free of charge.