Canon has unveiled a new cloud platform,, which will be able to connect Canon cameras with users’ PCs, smartphones and external web services.

The new service is set to commence operation in April 2020 and will be free of charge for users. Serving as a hub for users’ content, makes possible the transfer of image files to connected PCs, smartphones and external web services. The service provides new ways to enjoy photography and caters to a wide range of content creators seeking to improve their post-shoot workflows, including advanced photographers, enthusiasts, and entry-level users.  Beginning with the currently-in-development EOS R5, future Canon cameras equipped with automatic image transfer functionality will be able to automatically upload image and video files in their original quality directly to and store them for up to 30 days. After the 30-day period, users can opt to continue storing their images and videos by migrating them to a 10 GB longer-term storage account.

From its launch in April 2020, the service will allow the automatic transfer of images to users’ accounts on services like Google Drive. Starting from June, will expand both its partnership with Google to include original quality backup with Google Photos via Google One cloud storage – a membership plan for extended storage, and its partnership with Adobe Creative Cloud (also via a membership plan). Users will be able to edit images in their original quality on partnered services and applications. As AI and 5G technologies are implemented, Canon will enable cameras to communicate in both directions, such as remote, real-time editing of photos and videos captured at outdoor events, cloud-based RAW image data editing and capture assistance tailored to users’ preferences.

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