ABOVE BELOW, a contemporary photography and mixed media collective, will hold its first exhibition at Comber Street Studios, Paddington, from 24 November 2022.

One of the images by Jonathan Rae that will be part of the ABOVE BELOW exhibition. © Jonathan Rae.

The exhibition explores experiences of displacement, personal trauma and solitude in the works of three Sydney artists that span stories from Australia, Indonesia and Vietnam to reveal how lived experiences shape our frames of reference. Emily May Gunawan, one of three artists, subverts drawing on experience as an Indonesian artist in Australia to reveal how diverse perspectives of the human body, in front of and behind the camera, can coalesce to challenge dominant frames of reference. With seven photographic works on display, created between London and Sydney, Emily May makes space for the complex reality of femininity by celebrating traditionally marginalised bodies.

Deelan Do presents a collection of mixed media works that draws on his personal experience and surrounding stories of casual trauma as cathartic fuel for momentum. They reveal a hope of creating communion around the particularities of voice, control and empowerment. Jonathan Rae is drawn by the beauty of nature’s quiet places, paying reverence to our contrasting landscapes through a photography series titled ‘The Alps’. Jonathan spends a great deal of time photographing on the corners of the world, often alone, and draws power from the solitude found there.

The exhibition will open Thursday, 24 November 2022 between 6pm and 8.30pm at Comber Street Studios, Paddington. It runs until 29 November 2022. Attendees can sign up through Eventbrite and Facebook Event, or alternatively arrive at the door on the night.