Adobe has re-launched its Content Credentials initiative for tagging AI-generated content with a new online hub where consumers and creators can go to verify content.

Image tagging with the Content Credentials icon. (Source: Adobe.)

The company announced the initiative at its MAX conference, along with expansions to its Firefly AI generative technology, which will be offered in three versions: Firefly Image 2, Firefly Vector and Firefly Design. Also announced were improvements and new editing features for Lightroom in New versions of Lightroom Classic and Lightroom Desktop as well as mobile Lightroom apps. Lightroom Classic 13.0 and Lightroom 7.1 for macOS and Windows are available now for Creative Cloud subscribers via the Creative Cloud app, while the Lightroom 9.0 mobile apps for iOS, iPadOS and Android can be accessed via their respective app stores.

With the increasing use of generative AI technologies in Adobe’s software applications, Content Credentials has now been incorporated into Photoshop and Lightroom. It will allow creators to securely attach information such as names, dates, edits made and tools used. Other applications in Creative Cloud have added targeted Content Credentials features, including Firefly Web, Illustrator and Adobe Express. Content Credentials are a new open technology for revealing answers to your questions about content with a simple click: How was it made? Is it AI-generated? When was it created or edited? All this information can be accessed with a simple click on an icon attached to each image, as shown in the illustration above.

Content Credentials are based on an open technical specification developed and maintained by the C2PA, a cross-industry standards development organisation. You can review the specification anytime. Content Credentials use technology that makes it clear if content has been altered since its Content Credentials were created. Up-to-date context travels with the content, wherever it goes. Devices, software, and organisations that issue Content Credentials identify themselves in the Content Credentials they issue. Issuers therefore stake their reputations on their ability to record information accurately.

When you see the Content Credentials pin, it means Content Credentials are attached! Simply click the pin to reveal more information about the content you’re viewing. Content Credentials can capture a detailed history of changes over time. The Verify feature allows you to explore this information in depth, and upload any content to see if it has Content Credentials.

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