Epson is releasing its first completely new line of printers in seven years with new additions to its main photographic and business ranges.


Epson’s new SureColor SC-P7070 wide format printer uses 24-inch wide paper and 10 ink tanks. (Source: Epson.)

The SureColor SC-P6070, SureColor SC-P7070, SureColor SC-P8070 and SureColor SC-P9070 large format printers join the existing SureColor P-Series desktop models, the SC-P600   and SC-P800 and offer wide format printing with high-capacity ink cartridges. They feature a new UltraChrome HD ink set, which offers an enhanced gamut over their previous HDR ink and a higher D-Max for blacker blacks and deeper, richer colour. The SC-P7070 and SC-P9070 are direct successors to Epson’s hugely successful Stylus Pro SP-7900 and SP-9900 printers. With their 11-colour ink sets (PK, MK, C, VM, Y, LC, VLM, LK, OR, GR, V/LLK) both printers can print 10 colours at any time and also feature auto Photo Black/Matte Black (PK/MK) exchange.  They use an extended version of UltraChrome HD ink, the new UltraChrome HDX ink. Both printers can be configured with either Light Light Black which enables 98% Pantone coverage or new Violet which increases the gamut to 99% Pantone coverage. The SC-P6070 and SC-P8070 are direct successors to Epson’s Stylus Pro SP-7890 and SP-9890 printers. With their 9 colour ink sets (PK, MK, C, VM, Y, LC, VLM, LK, LLK) these printers print 8 colours at any time and also have auto PK/MK exchange.  


The printers in Epson’s new EcoTank range have integrated high-capacity ink tanks that are user-refillable.(Source: Epson.)

New additions to Epson’s home and small office printing line-up are the innovative EcoTank printer range, with four models that have high-capacity ink tanks that are user-refillable. Each printer comes with with up to two years of ink included. The range consists of the Expression ET-2500 (RRP AU$449), Expression ET-2550 (RRP AU$499) and WorkForce ET-4500 (RRP AU$5499) aimed at the home user and the WorkForce ET-4550 (RRP AU$699) for the home office user. All four models are wireless all-in-one printers with integrated scanners and copying functions.

Additional high-volume ink bottles can be purchased for  AU$16.99 each (except the large black ink bottle for the ET-4550 which costs AU$24.99).  The replacement bottles have a drip free-free nozzle and resealable cap for easy storage. They hold enough ink to print 4,0002 pages in black and 6,5002 pages in colour (ET-2500, ET-2550, ET-4500) and 6,0002 pages in black and 6,5002 pages in colour (ET-4550). Full details are available at We will be publishing a review of one of these printers shortly.


Epson’s new WorkForce Pro RIPS business printers use high-capacity ink bags(shown inset) that are easy to carry and store. (Source: Epson.)

For business users, Epson has launched a new range of WorkForce Pro RIPS (Replaceable Ink Pack System) business printers with four ink packs (CMYK) that package ink in high-capacity, easy to carry and store plastic bags. Each ink set can supply enough ink to print up to 75,000 pages  between ink changes. The system most of the physical waste involved in printing when compared to comparable colour laser printers and provides both environmental and business benefits.  Visit for more information.