Professional and trainee photographers are invited to enter the third international Felix Schoeller Photo Award competition, which opens on 1 January 2017.


The competition is designed to honour work that demonstrates a love of photography and meets the most demanding image quality standards. Photographers can enter images in five themed categories and there is a separate category for the general Emerging Photographer Award. The five categories are as follows:

3.2.1. Portrait: This category includes all portrayals of the human form, ranging from full-body studies to photographs of the face and close-ups.

3.2.2. Landscape/Nature: This category includes all images that capture the fascination of nature.

3.2.3. Architecture/Industry: This category covers all subjects from the field of architecture, from collections of buildings through to individual buildings, as well as shots of industrial premises and machinery.

3.2.4 Photojournalism/Editorial Photography: This category covers work in which photographs are used to tell stories or document facts in an unusual way. The work’s subject matter must be journalistically relevant.

3.2.5. Free Choice/Conceptual Photography: In this category, photographers are free to submit creative work that they feel does not belong in any of the other categories.

The Emerging Photographer category is designed to promote creative young photographers and is open only to photographers who are currently studying for a degree or undergoing professional training, as well as photographic assistants. Entrants will be required to supply appropriate evidence of their status when submitting work.  

An independent jury of five professionals will select the winners from the entries submitted. The overall winner will be chosen from the list of category winners. Each category attracts a prize of €2,000 for the winner: the overall winner enjoys a further prize of €10,000. The winner of the prize for the Emerging Photographer category will receive a prize worth €5,000 in cash or goods donated by Olympus Deutschland GmbH. After the Award, the winners and nominees will be exhibited for several weeks at Osnabruck’s Museum of Cultural History.

Entries close on 31 May, 2017. Full details can be found at