The 2019 Siena International Photo Awards opened for entries in December 2018 and the final deadline is on 31 January 2019.

This international competition is open to professional and non-professional photographers from all around the world. Submissions can be made to any of the following categories and themes:
Creative & Still Life. This category actively encourages the creative use of the medium of photography in all its forms – from photograms to cutting-edge photographic techniques. Subject matter can be varied and may include abstract and conceptual ideas.
Wedding, Still Life, Product/Objects, Nudes, Music & Dance, Food, Fine Art, Fashion, Dynamics & Movement, Conceptual, Beauty, Automotive, Abstract, Science and Research are included in this category. All manners of editing, digital blending, and layering are allowed in this category. Raw Files will not be requested.
Photojournalism & Documentary. This category covers photographs that represent ourselves and how we see the world. Image processing is allowed in this category, but it is the responsibility of the photographer to not manipulate or enhance the images in a manner that distorts or changes the reality of the scene.
Journeys & Adventures. Capture the extraordinary experiences that are an essential part of traveling – the discoveries, and adventures that inspire us and make travel thrilling and astonishing – the differences in the ways other cultures live. Capture an image that captures everyday life in a public space.

Other categories are largely self-explanatory and include: Fascinating Faces & Characters, The Beauty of Nature, Animals in their Environment, Architecture & Urban Spaces, Sports in Action and Jump for Joy (the (special theme of the year 2019). There are also categories for Portfolio Story-Telling and a short documentary film.

Entrants may submit one image free of charge. Thereafter the following fees apply: – 3 images: € 20,00 (free image included); each additional image: € 8,00;  Storyboard: € 35,00 per each full storyboard entered.

Full details are available at