Lighting equipment manufacturers, Elinchrom, Phottix and Sekonic, will jointly develop synergistic products for use by professional and advanced enthusiast photographers.

Engineers from the three companies are currently working on a new lighting control system with a common ‘operating system’ shared among the three partners, which will incorporate their respective controllers, transmitters and receivers via a shared signal. Currently, Phottix flash systems  support  TTL and manual control with Canon, Nikon and Sony DSLR systems as well as their own Mitros+ hotshoe TTL flash and their portable, TTL monobloc Indra systems. Elinchrom is renowned for their high performance, portable power systems and light-shaping tools, while Sekonic is known for the accuracy and reliability of meters for lighting measurement and control.

The integration of selected existing technologies as well as the joint development of new ones from this global alliance will create a creative lighting toolkit that expands photographers’ capabilities. The partnership will result in new products and processes that will enable photographers to enjoy the portable power and simplicity of Elinchrom, the precise metering with Sekonic and unfailing TTL triggering and power control with Phottix. Current new products in the works include:

  • Phottix and Elinchrom design engineers are collaborating on enhanced features for the next generation of Skyport transmitter, which  will include hyper-sync functionality.
  • Photographers using the Phottix Indra360 TTL or Indra 500 TTL lighting systems, will soon have the ability to use the broad range of Elinchrom light-shapers, the most popular light-shaping tools in the world.
  • Sekonic is collaborating with both Phottix and Elinchrom to finalize two new 478-series Litemaster Pro flash meters; one for Elinchrom featuring in-meter power control and one for Phottix that allows for triggering of groups from the meter.

It is expected that the alliance will create a suite of technologies that work seamlessly with one another without requiring third party triggering systems. Details of new products will be posted as they become available.