Eizo has released ColorNavigator 7, the latest version of its screen calibration software, adding features to assist graphics professionals who require consistent colour accuracy.

The new software combines all the features of EIZO’s previous colour management software, ColorNavigator 6 and ColorNavigator NX, to create a new and improved solution for creatives in a range of fields. Added features include multiple colour modes to enable users to choose the one that matches their field’s target values; the ability to calibrate every colour mode (Standard Mode) simultaneously and the ability to automatically recalibrate at a specific time or at regular intervals, even if the monitor is switched off.  ColorNavigator 7 can create emulation data from the 3D LUT of the video content used in the colour grading system for matching the look of the film on the monitor. It can also maintain calibration settings with different computers to provide consistency across multiple devices. ColorNavigator 7 also enables users to easily adjust the print proofing target’s hue and saturation for all six primary and secondary colours (red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, yellow, as well as greyscale balance, to achieve the closest possible visual match.

The new software supports the following Eizo monitors: CG319X, CG318-4K, CG248-4K, CG279X, CG277, CG2730, CG247X, CG2420, CG247, CS2730, CS2420, CG3145, CX271, CX270, CX241, CX240, CS270, CS240, CS230, CG276, CG275W, CG246, CG245W. The software is free to download and is available from Eizo’s website. Click here for full details.