Eizo Oceania has received its first shipment of the 30-inch FlexScan SX3031W LCD monitor, which is designed to meet the needs of graphics professionals.


November 23, 2007: Eizo Oceania has received its first shipment of the 30-inch FlexScan SX3031W LCD monitor, which is designed to meet the needs of graphics professionals.
Providing a 29.8-inch viewable image size, this monitor has a native resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels (16:10 aspect ratio), maximum brightness of 260 cd/m ², 900:1 contrast ratio and 178-degree horizontal and vertical viewing angles. A six millisecond mid-tone response time minimises blurring and ghosting for smooth playback of moving images. The supplied stand is adjustable through 90 mm vertically and has 33 degree tilt and 70 degree swivel adjustments. A backlight sensor stabilises brightness within minutes of startup or coming out of power save mode
The wide gamut LCD panel reproduces 97% of the Adobe RGB colour space so it can display most colours in a photograph taken in Adobe RGB mode. Typically, a wide colour gamut monitor will alter how colours meant for display in the narrower sRGB colour space are reproduced on screen. When the SX3031W’s sRGB mode is selected, however, colours intended for display in sRGB (such as those used on most web pages and any photographs taken with a digital camera’s sRGB mode) will be reproduced as they should.
The FlexScan SX3031W comes with Eizo’s latest ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit), which has a 12-bit look-up table with a total colour palette of 68 billion colours. In use, the most appropriate 16.7 million colours are selected for display. The ASIC also features 16-bit internal processing for smooth display of greyscale tones and to bring out details, especially in dark areas of an image. A Digital Uniformity Equalizer (DUE) function corrects the brightness and chroma uniformity errors characteristic of LCD panels.


A picture-by-picture function divides the screen into two equal halves, essentially offering two 1200 ø— 1600 pixel monitors with no centre bezel. Input from two different computers such as a Windows and a Macintosh can be displayed which makes it possible to work on two tasks simultaneously without having to toggle back and forth between the inputs. A scaling function is provided for viewing images at lower resolutions in full screen mode. Five increments of smoothing and sharpening adjustments are provided.


The on-screen display menu includes adjustments for brightness, gamma, saturation, hue, gain and colour temperature. Hue and saturation settings are individually adjustable for red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, and yellow for fine-tuning colour settings. Dual DVI-D inputs (digital) are included for connecting to two PCs. One input supports dual link for displaying resolutions up to the monitor’s native resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels, and the other input is single link for resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 pixels. The single link input supports high bandwidth digital content protection (HDCP) for viewing of content from HDCP-equipped devices. A USB 2.0 hub with one upstream and two downstream ports is also included.


Users looking for appropriate settings for all types of content can choose from one of five imaging modes – Text, Picture, Movie, Custom, sRGB, and WindowMovie (media player software displayed brighter than the rest of the screen). Toggling from one mode to another is done by touching a single switch on the front panel. Any mode can be assigned to any application with the bundled ScreenManager Pro for LCD utility software (when the application is opened, the screen automatically changes to its assigned mode).


The FlexScan SX3031W comes with a 5-year/30,000 hour warranty. For more information, visit www.eizo.com.au.