Two new Eizo monitors will be released in Australia next month featuring new proprietary technology that produces clearer and sharper moving images.


February 27, 2007: Two new Eizo monitors will be released in Australia next month featuring new proprietary technology that produces clearer and sharper moving images.
The 21-inch FlexScan S2111W and 24-inch FlexScan S2411W are both widescreen LCD models with a 16:10 aspect ratio and 1680×1050 pixel and 1920×1200 pixel native resolutions for the S2111W and S2411W, respectively. Brightness is a very high 450 cd/m ² and viewing angles are a wide 178 ° for viewing both horizontally and vertically. Both models offer features that deliver improved motion picture playback. These include ContrastEnhancer and OutlineEnhancer, which are derived from an ASIC originally developed for Eizo TVs.
In dark images, the ContrastEnhancer decreases luminance of the backlight to eliminate oversaturated whites and then raises gain levels to restore brightness; while in bright images it corrects the gamma levels by decreasing luminance in low greyscale tones. It raises the LCD panels’ contrast ratio from 1000:1 to 3000:1 to provide deeper blacks and more lifelike images. The OutlineEnhancer is a filter to sharpen blurred areas of images and comes with seven levels of user-controlled adjustments. Since sharpening is done by the monitor instead of by software on the PC side it works on both still and moving images.
Midtone response times of 8ms for the FlexScan S2111W and 6ms for the FlexScan S2411W ensure smooth moving picture playback by eliminating ghosting and lag. The S2411W also supports 1080p high definition digital signal so it can display a resolution of 1920×1080 (16:9 aspect ratio) without stretching the pixels horizontally. (Black borders are displayed at the top and bottom of the screen.) Both models offer 14-bit colour processing for accurate greyscale rendering, especially in the dark areas and shadows of an image. The OSD menu includes adjustment of gamma, saturation, hue, gain and colour temperature. Hue and saturation settings for red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, and yellow can be adjusted independently.


Eizo’s new FlexScan S2111W monitor.
Users choose from five imaging modes – Text, Picture, Movie, Custom, sRGB. A single switch on the front panel toggles from one mode to another and any mode can be assigned to any application with the bundled ScreenManager Pro for LCD utility software. Eizo’s ArcSwing 2 stand allows the screen to be positioned near eye level or lowered at an angle akin to reading a book for a more natural viewing posture. The base swivels through 344 degrees so the screen can be shown to anyone sitting nearby. Connectivity ports include dual HDCP compatible DVI-I inputs which support both digital and analogue signals from PCs, and a high speed USB 2.0 hub. The USB hub includes two downstream ports located on the left side of the panel for quick connection to peripherals.


The FlexScan S2411W can simulate two types of colour vision deficiency- protanopia and deuteranopia – allowing designers to check how their colours appear to those with colour blindness. All simulation is done in real time for both still and moving images, and toggling between normal viewing mode and colour vision deficiency simulation modes is done with the bundled UniColor Pro software (supported by Windows XP/2000 only). Both models will begin shipping in March and come with a five year warranty. For more information visit or