Local distributor, Garage Brands, has introduced the BRNO dri+Cap lens cap system for photographers working in humid conditions.

Available for Canon and Nikon cameras, BRNO dri+Cap lens caps feature an integrated chamber for a pack of colour indicating silica gel. The chamber has an O-ring to keep the cap sealed and prevent the silica gel packet from absorbing moisture when the cap is not on the lens or camera body. When fitted, a second O-ring prevents moisture from entering the camera body or lens while enabling the packet to take up any moisture on the equipment. The system can maintain camera bodies and lenses within the ideal relative humidity range of 35% to 45%.


The illustration above shows the interior chamber for the pack of silica gel in a BRNO rear dri+Cap for a DSLR lens.

The dri+Cap is supplied in two formats. The lens cap plus body cap kit for either Canon or Nikon cameras  retails for $49.95, while individual lens kits for additional lenses can be purchased for $29.95. Each Canon or Nikon Kit includes eight foil-sealed packs of the BRNO colour indicating silica gel.

BRNO dri+Caps provide good protection against condensation when cameras are moved  from a cool room to a hot outdoors or into a heated house on a cold winter’s day. For more information on these products, email support@garagebrands.com.au.