Defrozo is a recent Kickstarter project that offers a free, all-in-one platform to help starting professional photographers display and market their work online.

Launched in beta format last year and with more than 200 users so far, Defrozo claims to be ‘the first universal platform available for free to include every tool a photographer might need to start their business from scratch or grow their established brand’. The developers say it will include ‘all the features offered by the leading software solutions  ‘, plus a single login to access tools for organising images, creating a portfolio, managing workflow and client databases and selling images online. Everything done via a simple, drag-n-drop interface and integrated system, which is based upon WordPress, with self-written classes and functions added for the proprietary features. To meet different users’ needs, three plans will be offered: a Free plan for solo operators and start-up businesses, a Pro plan with more storage for US$29/month and an Ultimate pack (for backers only), priced at US$49/month.

Defrozo’s developers are seeking US$50,000 to launch its service officially. Investors can pledge as little as US$1 or US15 which includes an Ultimate pack with six month’s free account access. The project has less than a month to attract backers, with the estimated delivery of the full service in October 2015. Full details can be found at