Datacolour has released a software upgrade, Spyder5+, which adds new features that will enhance the digital colour calibration workflows of users of Spyder5 colorimeters.

The software upgrade is now available for all existing and new Spyder5 customers, with the option to purchase Spyder5PRO+ or Spyder5ELITE+.  Spyder5+ adds Automatic Room Light Switching to re-adjust the monitor’s provide as the room light conditions shift, 1-Click Calibration for quick re-calibration of monitors previously calibrated with the Spyder5 and a new Profile Management Tool that gives users the ability to edit, remove, rename, locate, and activate each display profile.

These features are also available to users who purchase the Spyder5ELITE+ upgrade, who will also benefit from Spyder SoftProof, which improves “Screen-to-Output” matching with a new workflow to simulate how photos will look on any printer or device. In addition, Enhanced StudioMatch verifies precise monitor matching and takes the guesswork out of making all connected displays look the same. It includes a new visual verification step for fine tuning the results.

New and existing Spyder5 customers wishing to purchase the Spyder5+ software add-on can find out more and buy via the Datacolor website. For Spyder5PRO+ click on; for Spyder5ELITE+ select When the software is purchased, customers will receive a software serial number and a step-by-step guide for easy download.