Datacolor has released the latest versions of its popular Spyder5 monitor calibration solutions.


The new Spyder5 colorimeter being used to calibrate a laptop screen. (Source: Datacolor.)

The next generation Spyder5 colorimeter is compact, portable and suitable for use on all laptop and desktop monitors. Datacolor has redesigned Spyder’s patented 7-detector optical engine to deliver up to a 55% improvement in tonal response, resulting in more accurate shadow detail and smoother gradients. Spyder5 colorimeters can calibrate a computer monitor to industry colour reference standard, enabling it to display colours accurately, making  photo editing easier and faster and providing better print matching so less ink and paper are wasted.  

The new line-up comprises three versions of Spyder5 – EXPRESS, PRO and ELITE. Spyder5EXPRESS is the most cost-effective tool for serious photographers who want easy calibration through a simple, interactive four-step process guide. This version supports multiple monitor calibrations. Spyder5 PRO is a step up in capabilities and performance and includes an integrated ambient light sensor for room light monitoring. This version provides an extensive range of calibration settings, display analysis and the ability to import images for before and after calibration evaluation. Spyder5 ELITE is the professional product for photographers, studios and calibration perfectionists who demand the highest levels of colour accuracy and control over the calibration process. It includes a built-in tripod mount for calibrating front projector displays and provides comprehensive display analysis, advanced before and after evaluation of imported images, monitor matching and tuning and optimised grey balance routines.

The new Spyder5EXPRESS, Spyder5PRO and Spyder5ELITE are now available at specialist retailers or online at  Pricing starts from AU$225.00, inclusive of GST.