Datacolor’s new Spydercheckr 24 is a new, affordably-priced and portable colour calibration and white balance target for photo and video colour control.


The new Datacolor Spydercheckr 24. (Source: Datacolor.)

Spectrally engineered with 24 pigment patches, Spydercheckr  24 offers the accuracy of a full size, large patch photo target in a thin, compact design. Spydercheckr  24’s gray face provides in-camera and post-process white balance and exposure adjustment, while the colour face allows users to colour correct capture automatically  in popular imaging and video editors.

The Spydercheckr  24 target  is supplied with the same easy-to-use software solution as the original Spydercheckr, producing smooth, highly accurate HSL colour corrections for still and video cameras. Together, they improve capture accuracy, image printability and camera-to-camera matching. This reduces colour error on important corporate and team colours, and all the colours in your work.

The package contains the Spydercheckr  24 target  plus a slipcover and presentation box, the software serial number and download URL and a Quick Start Guide and User Guide URLs. RRP is AU$65. For full details, visit