The Australian Government has announced changes to the Tourist Refund Scheme (TRS) that see a doubling of the period for purchases made before departure and making adjustments to purchasing conditions.

Travellers can now claim through the tourist refund scheme on purchases made up to 60 days before leaving Australia, whereas under old regulations they had 30 days.  In addition more than one tax invoice can be submitted to make a claim, as long as each is a valid tax invoice from the one Australian Business Number retailer and the total value of goods purchased is $300 or more (including GST). The invoices must still come from  the one store  but purchases may be made over the 60-day period.

The refund only applies to goods carried as  hand luggage or worn when the traveller leaves the country. The revised scheme took effect in April and is  open to all overseas visitors and Australian residents,  except operating air and sea crew. Full details can be found at