After discovering an unintended technical breach of the 2017 AIPP Victorian competition rules, Michael Teo has voluntarily withdrawn his entries.

The rule in question is the under the Core Rules section 1B, in relation to ‘SAME SUBJECT’. National Awards Chair, Tony Hewitt, explained: While every effort is made by the awards team at the time of entry to identify possible rule breaches or discrepancies, it is not always immediately obvious, or easy to identify, and as such the responsibility of ensuring compliance with the rules remains with the entrant. The awards team also recognises that there can be situations where a rule breach occurs without deliberate intent, but rather due to an oversight or inadvertent error. We believe that this is what has occurred on this occasion, and thank all involved for their professionalism, respect and understanding for the entrants and the process.

As a consequence of this action, the Victorian branch of the AIPP would like to congratulate Lisa Saad on winning the 2017 AIPP Victorian Epson Professional Photographer of the Year with her Illustrative submission. Congratulations also go to Vicky Papas, who is nominated as the new 2017 AIPP Victorian Professional Portrait Photographer of the Year.