October will see the release by Canon of the HG10, the company’s first hard disk drive (HDD) digital video camera offering 40GB of storage.


August 7, 2007: October will see the release by Canon
HG10, the company’s first hard disk drive (HDD) digital video camera offering 40GB of storage.
Like the recently released HV20 and HR10 digital camcorders, the HG10 combines a 1920 x 1080 True Progressive HD CMOS sensor with Canon’s lens and optics technology, and includes a 10x Super Range Optical Image Stabilizer and Instant Auto Focus. With direct-to-HDD recording technology, the HG10 eliminates the need to purchase or carry an array of recording media. A new Quick Start function ensures enthusiasts never miss a moment. Other features include a multi-angle LCD and increased capture sensitivity, which improves low-light and low-noise shooting.
The large-capacity hard disk drive can store up to 5.5 hours in the highest quality HD recording mode and 11.5 hours in the SP Mode or up to 15 hours in LP Mode. Editing is made easy thanks to a superior retrieval function that allows instant access to any scene. The HG10 is fitted with a SafeDisk system comprising three technologies to protect the HDD and ensure no footage is lost. Firstly, a shock-absorber encases the drive to protect it from shock suffered from a fall. The magnetic read head on the hard disk is also automatically parked to prevent damage when a built-in sensor detects a dropping motion. Finally, the HG10 automatically buffers footage in memory prior to writing to the disk to ensure that no data is lost.
Other features include simultaneous shooting of stills and video clips and the ability to capture still images when editing the footage. The HG10 is powered by a high-capacity battery that can support up to 70 minutes of shooting. A long-life battery is also available to provide an additional 120 minutes battery time. Accessories include add-on converter lenses, video and flash lights, microphone and filters. Expected retail price is estimated at $2,099. For more information contact Canon on 1800 021 167, or visit the website at www.canon.com.au.