Canon Australia has released details of six new digital video cameras that will go on sale in mid-March 2009.


January 5, 2009: Canon Australia has released details of six new digital video cameras that will go on sale in mid-March 2009.
The LEGRIA FS-series focuses on making video capture fun, featuring lightweight and stylish camera bodies, two of which (the LEGRIA FS22 and FS21) include Dual Flash Memory technology that records to SD/SDHC memory cards as well as an internal memory. The LEGRIA FS22 has 32GB of on board memory while the FS21has 16GB. The third model, the LEGRIA FS200, which is available in four colours, shoots straight to memory card.


A LEGRIA FS series model with the LCD monitor open and closed.
All three models introduce several features that make moviemaking easy. Video Snapshot lets users create movie montages in-camera, while the Pre REC function starts recording the instant the record button is pressed, ensuring key shots are never missed. A new Dual Shot function allows users to record both still images and video clips without changing shooting modes, while the Advanced Zoom function offers up to 45x zoom with the LEGRIA FS22 and FS21 models and 41x with the


Significantly smaller than predecessor models – the FS11, FS10 and FS100 – each new LEGRIA FS-series DV camera weighs only 230 grams and fits comfortably into a jacket pocket or a small bag. All models include a new Quick Charge feature for fast battery charging that provides up to one hour’s shooting from a 20 minute charge.

Full HD recording at 1920×1080 pixels is offered by the new LEGRIA HF20 and LEGRIA HF200, both of which feature a new 3.6 x 2.7mm, 3.3-megapixel CMOS sensor, a new DIGIC DV III image processor and a new optically-stabilised15x zoom lens. Weighing only 340 grams, these new models are roughly 17 per cent smaller than their predecessors. The Dual Flash Memory LEGRIA HF20 combines 32GB of internal memory while the LEGRIA HF200 records to convenient SDHC cards that are ideal for sharing.


The LEGRIA HF20 and LEGRIA HF200 models provide Full HD video recording.
The new HF series camcorders include the same Dual Shot, Video Snapshot and Pre REC modes as the FS series but add Face Detection technology and Instant AF for precise and rapid autofocusing. They also offer 3.3 megapixel still capture plus a Photo Burst function that records stills at 2.07 megapixels. Both models have microphone input and manual audio controls and come with a Mini Advanced Accessory Shoe plus HDMI and component outputs.
The LEGRIA HF S10 features an 8.0 megapixel Full HD CMOS sensor that supports the expanded gamut of the xvYCC Colour Space. It also comes with a 10x optical zoom Canon HD Video Lens with the new DIGIC DV III processor. The lens has a diameter of 58 mm for optimal low-light performance. If more zoom is required, the 1.7x digital tele-converter function boosts the range to 17x while still retaining Full HD quality. Canon’s Super Range Optical Image Stabiliser combines two kinds of shake detection systems to compensate for slow and fast vibrations.


The LEGRIA HF S10 offers Full HD video recording plus 8-megapixel still image capture.
Dual Flash Memory technology enables users to record to either the 32GB internal memory or removable SD/SDHC memory cards. Targeted at enthusiast moviemakers, this model provides all the functions of the other LEGRIA models and adds a Control Dial and Custom Key for additional control.
With the 8-megapixel CMOS sensor, users can capture still images at 8-megapixels, which is reduced to 6-megapixels for capturing video. This resolution is actually higher than 1920×1080 Full HD. Video clips are converted to Full HD resolution and recorded at the maximum data rate permitted under the AVCHD standard – 24Mbps – for sharp images and smooth motion.
The Face Detection system can detect up to 35 faces in a single frame. Up to nine faces can be highlighted and the user can select one as the main reference point. Face Select and Track technology, similar to that found in Canon digicams, enables focus to be locked on the selected face. Professional controls include Colour Peaking, which exaggerates the edges of objects displayed on the LCD screen, aiding manual focusing. Zebra Assist makes it easier to judge when areas of a picture are overexposed.
The LCD screen can also be set to 100% underscan to show exactly what will be displayed on a TV screen. AGC level limits, usually only found on high-end DV cameras, allow users to boost the DV camera’s responsiveness when shooting in low light conditions. Pricing for the new models has still to be determined. For more information, visit