Canon will release seven new compact digital still cameras in September and October, all featuring the latest DiG!C II image processing system.


August 22, 2005: Canon will release seven new compact digital still cameras in September and October, all featuring the latest DiG!C II image processing system.
The first models to go on sale will be the Digital Ixus i zoom, Digital Ixus 750, Digital Ixus 55 and PowerShot A410, which will appear in shops in September. The Digital Ixus i zoom is similar to the Digital Ixus i model but sports a 2.4x optical zoom lens. Available in four striking colours (black, gold, cranberry red and violet) it has a 5-megapixel CCD sensor and new focusing system that is both faster and more power efficient that its predecessor’s. A larger 1.8-inch LCD monitor and improvements to the user interface make it even easier to operate. These include larger animated icons and the addition of a world time zone display. The Digital Ixus i zoom is supplied with the CS-DC1 Camera Station, which acts as a dock, or cradle, for the camera, ensuring quick and easy connectivity without having to attach and re-attach multiple cables. The supplied wireless controller allows the docked camera’s playback to be operated remotely.


This model is expected to sell for $599.
The Digital Ixus 750 (RRP $799), Digital Ixus 55 (RRP $629) are replacements for the current Digital Ixus 700, Digital Ixus 50 models. Both are fitted with 3x optical zoom lenses and an oversize 2.5-inch LCD display. The Digital Ixus 750 has a 7.1-megapixel CCD sensor, while the Digital Ixus 55 offers 5.0-megapixel resolution. Both models feature a new Intelligent Orientation Sensor that recognises when the camera is rotated from horizontal to vertical, automatically rotating stored images for correct playback.
Canon’s PowerShot A410 is an entry-level. 3,2-megapixel model that replaces the PowerShot A400 and is expected to sell for $229. Featuring a smaller, more compact and robust body, it boasts a 3.2x optical zoom lens with a maximum aperture of f/2.8-f/5.1. DiG!C II image processing delivers fast write times, minimal shutter lag and smooth continuous shooting at 2.5 fps. Users can take photographs using the optical viewfinder or the 1.5″ LCD monitor. The monitor is adjustable up to 15 levels of brightness, and the user interface has been improved.


The A410 has 14 shooting modes, including eight pre-set Special Scene modes covering Portrait, Night Snapshot, Kids and Pets, Indoor, Foliage, Beach, Snow and Fireworks. A gridline display can be selected to help with framing shots and keeping horizons level. The My Colors mode allows the operator to use enhanced, in-camera digital effects, such as Color Swap, while shooting. Previously, this level of image enhancement was only possible after downloading to a PC, and using specialised software.
Due for release in October are the 8-megapixel PowerShot S80 (RRP $849), PowerShot A620 (RRP $649) and PowerShot A610 (RRP $499) models. The PowerShot S80 replaces the PowerShot S70 and S60 models as the flagship of Canon’s S-Series PowerShot range. Features include a wide-angle 28-100 mm f/2.8-5.3 (3.6x) optical zoom lens with Canon’s UA lens technology and an oversize 2.5-inch LCD.


For the first time in a digital compact, an EOS-style Multi Control Dial is introduced to allow quick setting of menu and shooting functions, as well as rapid scroll through images during playback. Advanced features include real-time histogram display, FlexiZone AF/AE with a freely movable focus point and manual focus override, 21 shooting modes, XGA quality video clips up to 1 GB in size and a new and improved user interface with a newly designed and positioned mode dial. The new model is compatible with a wide range of accessories including conversion lenses, a waterproof housing and high-power flash.
The PowerShot A620 and PowerShot A610 feature CCD sensors with 7.1 and 5.0 Megapixels, respectively plus a wide range of manual, automatic and special scene shooting modes. Both models come with a new 4x optical zoom lens that provides a 35-140 mm focal length (35 mm equivalent) with a maximum aperture range of f/2.8 (W) to f/4.1 (T). The lenses’ spectral characteristics have been optimised specifically for the configuration of the lens and sensor, providing accurate colours and significantly reducing the chromatic aberrations (such as purple fringing) often found with lower quality lenses.
Other features include a larger 2.0-inch vari-angle LCD, VGA movie capture at 30 fps and burst shooting at approximately 1.9 fps (A620) and approximately 2.4 fps (A610). The new PowerShots still feature Canon’s 9-point AiAF for fast, accurate focusing even when subjects are not centred. FlexiZone AF/AE allows free scrolling anywhere within the frame’s auto focus area to select the desired subject, for which exposure is weighted accordingly. Manual focus selection is also available. A complete range of optional accessories is available to extend the capabilities of the cameras.
Full details of the new products will be posted on Canon Australia’s website ( following the local official launch on 25 August. For reseller details, phone Canon on 1800 021 167.