Canon has released an upgrade that enables Canon Log, a staple feature in Cinema EOS cameras to be added to the EOS 5D Mark IV camera.

The addition provides enhanced dynamic range and easier colour grading for videographers. The following advice has been published concerning the impact of the new profile on image quality:

1.When Canon Log is set, horizontal noise stripes may appear in movies depending on subject or shooting conditions. It is recommended to shoot a few test movies and check before the actual shooting. Note that noise may become more noticeable especially when you apply strong contrast during colour grading of the shot movie.

2. Horizontal noise stripes tend to appear when the subject is dark and flat or [Peripheral illumin.] is set to [Enable]. This noise may also appear when ISO speed is relatively low, such as at ISO 400.

3. When the noise is noticeable, it is recommended to set [Peripheral illumin.] to [Disable], shoot in brighter exposure, and perform brightness adjustment during colour grading. Also, noise may be decreased when you shoot at ISO speed lower than ISO 400 (even though the dynamic range will be narrowed).

The service will be available from late June 2017 as a chargeable upgrade, exclusively via Canon authorised service-centres. For more information, phone (02) 8873 8585 or email