Canon has developed a new online photo storage platform, irista by Canon, to enable Australians to store, organise, share and access images simply and safely from one convenient place.


Announced today as a solution to Australian photo management issues, irista by Canon allows users to consolidate their image collections in a single hub. From it they can search and locate a wide-range of file types (including RAW) by date, location, custom user tags, lens type and albums.

Social integration with Facebook and Flickr also allows users to publish images on both platforms, as well as track comments directly.



For high volume users, the Memento viewing option determines the most important images, based on what has been shared and commented on. Shots tagged as ‘favourites’ are easy to view.

The service will be updated in late January 2015 to add compatibility with a wide range of popular iOS and Android tablets.irista by Canon will also offer Adobe Lightroom integration, allowing users to edit images in Lightroom and store them directly on the platform. Integration with compatible Canon Wi-Fi enabled cameras will allow users to select irista as a direct upload option on their camera.

Canon is offering a range of local tiered storage options to suit different storage requirements.

The ‘entry’ tier offers up to 10GB (roughly 2000 JPEG images)   free-of-charge.

Advanced enthusiasts or professional users requiring higher storage levels can choose from two advanced storage options, with the 50GB Value tier and 100GB Premium tier available.

Pricing for the 50GB Value tier is $6.99 per month ($83.88 over a 12 month period), or $69 up front per year.

The 100GB Premium tier will cost $14.99 per month ($179.88 over a 12 month period), or $149 up front per year.

Premium package subscribers can increase their storage in additional increments of 20GB (+$20 per year or +$2.99 per month), 50GB (+$59 per year or +$5.99 per month) and +100GB (+$119 per year or $11.99 per month).

irista by Canon is available at