Canon has published an advisory notice warning of potential contact failures due to an ineffective battery terminal on some compact digital cameras.

Cameras that may be affected by the problem are the Ixus 255 HS, Ixus 265 HS, Ixus 155, Ixus 150 and Ixus 145 and the PowerShot 280 HS, PowerShot 270 HS,

PowerShot S200   and PowerShot S120. Full details of how to identify potentially affected cameras have been posted on the Canon Australia website at

According to Canon’s website: In using the above products with the bundled battery pack, due to a contact failure in the battery terminal, the following operation errors may occur even when using the camera with a fully-charged battery installed.

– The message “Charge the battery” appears immediately.
– The power sometimes does not turn on.  
– The power turns off during use.

The notice also states the affected cameras are likely to have the number ‘0’, ‘1’ or ‘4’ as the sixth character in the serial number.   Customers with an affected camera should contact Canon’s Customer Support Centre and forward the camera along with the battery packs to Canon, for inspection and repair. Affected cameras will be inspected and repaired free of charge.