Canon Australia has released details of four up-coming video-orientated products: a new full-frame Cinema EOS camera and wide-angle lens and two monitors.


The new flagship model in the Cinema EOS line, the   EOS C700 FF. (Source: Canon.)

The new Cinema EOS C700 FF features a next-generation 38.1 mm x 20.1mm CMOS sensor that enables recording at resolutions up to 5.9K, as well as offering 4K 60p/50p support along with anamorphic support. Users can record in a variety of formats, including in ProRes, XF-AVC or Canons Cinema RAW formats and capture footage in 5.9K, 4K or 2K RAW. The large sensor records with low noise, with a broad ranging tonality that exceeds 15 stops. The C700 FF also comes with Dual Pixel CMOS AF for fast and accurate focusing and is compatible with Canon’s extensive range of EF series and Cinema lenses. The OU-700 optional remote operation unit enables wired remote operation to make work easier for assistants in charge of camera settings and triggering. Details can be found at    


The new Canon CN-E 20mm T1.5 L F lens. (Source: Canon.)

Canon’s new CN-E 20mm T1.5 L F wide-angle lens is designed for capturing 4K images and enhances the current cine prime lens range. Ideal for shooting nature documentaries, it is fast enough for use in dim lighting. With a large diameter aspheric lens and low dispersion glass, the CN-E20mm T1.5 L F includes an 11-bladed iris diaphragm that enables users to produce natural blur effects, including a three-dimensional bokeh effect with a wider depth of field than a super wide angle lens can produce. Because the gear position, front diameter, total length and rotation angle have been unified across Canon’s fixed-lens series, the same matte boxes and other accessories can be used with all lenses, saving time when lenses are switched. Lens information can also be displayed in the camera’s viewfinder. For more information, visit

The new Canon DP-V2421 and DP-V171 monitors represent an expansion of Canon’s industry-leading range of 4K reference monitors. These monitors are both 12G-SDI capable and include an extensive firmware update. Features include HDR image check and production support, four 12G-SDI inputs, which can deliver 4K 50P transmission through a single cable and the addition of an HDR brightness monitoring function that can be operated from a PC. Details are available through

The C700 FF will be shipping from July 2018, while the CN-E20 T1.5 L F lens will be available from June 2019 and the Canon DP-V2421 and DP-V1711 will be available in Australia from June 2018.