The Ballarat International Foto Biennale (BIFB) 2013 officially launches tomorrow and will run for five weeks.

The Biennale is Australia’s leading photographic festival as it provides a showcase for more than 200 local and international artists in galleries, project spaces and public sites around Victoria’s Ballarat. The event includes exhibitions, workshops, master classes and talks, plus an extensive projections program with more than 60 individual artist exhibitions. The program features the same diversity of genre, style and narrative that underpins BIFB’s Core and Fringe Exhibition programs and showcases the eclectic works of both local and international artists. Details can be found at the BIFB website

Each night of the biennale, Dutch photographer Hans Hiltermann‘s show, ‘You’, will be projected on to the front of the Ballarat Town Hall. The audio visual projection is a quest for the ultimate meaning of self; the town hall’s faø§ade offers a shadow-free environment where models are viewed completely unadorned, creating a deep level of fascination. The sheer scale of the projection and unwavering gaze of the models can be said to unsettle the viewer, as they in turn become the subject.   Provoking feelings of both judgement and self-reflection, the projection will begin each night as darkness falls and continue until late.