Kayell Australia has scheduled afternoon masterclass sessions on basic lighting techniques for Sydney and Melbourne next month.

Both classes will take place on 17 May, starting at 1:00 p.m. Designed for people who already know how to use their DSLR cameras, each group practical hands on course will cover  the basics of lighting with speed lights and studio flash. Topics will include:

  • Lighting terminology ““ Direct, Diffused and Reflected, High Key and Low Key
  • Controlling light intensity and contrast
  • Lighting Ratios
  • When and how to use modifiers and reflectors.
  • Various aspects of lighting; quality point / spectral, diffused, quantity & direction,
  • Effective use of backdrops and how to light them
  • Lighting for mood and effect
  • Lighting set ups for Portraiture; Broad, Short, Rembrandt, Loop Butterfly and Side lighting
  • Creative techniques such as High Key and Low Key, Silhouette and Rim lighting.

The Sydney course will be held at Kayell Australia,  30 Whiting Street Artarmon NSW 2064. The Melbourne course is at Luminosity Studio, 79F Lexton Rd Box Hill, Victoria 3128. The fee for each course is AU$99. Email info@kayell.com.au for more information.