The third generation of the popular LandscapePro editing software features advanced image recognition technology to speed up retouching of outdoor and nature photos.

Artificial intelligence has been used to develop new  atmosphere adjustment and object removal tools as well as new skies, overlay and logo facilities. Sharpening and clarity tools have been improved and straightening tools have been enhanced. LandscapePro 3 is also better than ever at detecting features in landscapes. Simply drop the labels in place and the software finds the areas automatically. New atmospheric effects like rain, fog, lens flare are available and weather features adapt to objects and distance, allowing them to blend more naturally into the scene. It is also easier to remove unwanted features from landscapes and adjust focus and texture with the new Sharpen and Clarity sliders.

LandscapePro is available to purchase or for a free trial here.  There are two versions: the Standard version which is JPEG-only and the Studio version which can handle raw files and 48 bit per color TIFFs, supports different colour spaces, and can be run as a plug-in for Photoshop, Lightroom and Elements.