Anthropics Technology has updated its popular Portrait Pro retouching software, adding new tools for background editing and a number of advanced preset controls.


The new Background Editing function enables users to customise background colours and textures. (Source: Anthropics Technology.)

The new Background Editing function makes it easy to edit the subject and the background separately without leaving PortraitPro. The software lets users choose from four different styles including a New Image option for inserting your own background.


The Snapshots function lets users save as they work. (Source: Anthropics Technology.)

The new Snapshots function enables users to save their work at any time in the editing process so they can different adjustments and easily revert back if they have a change of mind.


The Advanced Preset Controls interface. (Source: Anthropics Technology.)

PortraitPro 17 includes a new Advanced Preset Controls interface that allows users to create custom presets using their favorite tools and save them for future use so they can edit  images with just a few clicks. Users can build a library containing favourite makeup looks, skin smoothing settings and other adjustments to use time and time again. Photographers using PortraitPro Studio Max with automatic batch processing can use these custom presets to make batch editing even easier and save hours of manual work.

Other new tools include a new vignette tool for subtly darkening the edges of the frame to draw attention to the subject as well as three fashionable new Bronzer styles and improved  tan controls for skin retouching.
The new version also comes with enhanced automatic face-detection technology, an updated interface and faster software that work together to make it even easier to edit portraits quickly and simply. PortraitPro 17 is available for purchase from US$39.95  from A free trial download is also available.