Adobe has released an update to its Creative Cloud suite of products with significant improvements to Photoshop’s toolkit.

The June 2016 CC update includes a new Content-Aware Crop feature in Photoshop, which can ‘intelligently’ fill in gaps that appear when a photo is rotated and cropped. (This feature was previously available in the Photomerge function for panorama stitching.) Also new is Face-Aware Liquify, which can  identify faces within photos and allow users to select and manipulate individual elements. Usable for retouching, it enables users to make subtle changes to the shapes of faces, as well as individual elements such as eyes, noses, mouth and chin shapes. The final Photoshop feature is Match Font, which identifies fonts within imported images or photographs and offers the closest match available on the user’s desktop or in Adobe’s  Typekit  service.

Video-related enhancements in the June 2016 CC update include Character Animator  in After Effects, which lets users create and animate a virtual puppet. New virtual reality  capabilities have been added to Premiere Pro. In addition, Adobe is expanding its collection of stock images and will soon open a Contributor Portal, which will auto-tag user-uploaded photos while working in Photoshop, making it easier for contributors to earn income from their work.

The updates to the Creative Cloud applications are available now to subscribers.  Details can be found at