Adobe has released a suite of significant updates for its Lightroom applications and added support for 14 new cameras to Adobe Camera Raw.

The new Texture slider in the latest Lightroom and Camera Raw updates enables users to control the reproduction of textures in images. (Source: Adobe.)

The latest Lightroom updates focus upon Lightroom for iOS and Android but will subsequently be offered for the Mac and Windows applications. They include a new Home view that contains the user’s most recent photos, as well as new interactive tutorials and inspirational photos to show edits made. The interactive tutorials provide direct access to the photo from the tutorial and walk users through the editing process.

The Help menu has also been extended to provide searchable help about each of the tools as well as built-in tutorials leveraging some of the content available on the iOS and Android versions of Lightroom. Users can also benefit from new ways to collaborate with other users through emails that let them have access to either view or contribute photos to their album. Lightroom for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and ChromeOS, Lightroom Classic, and Camera Raw also include a new slider for enhancing the appearance of texture in images in order to bring out or suppress medium-sized details in areas such as skin, hair or bark. Also provided within the Optics section of  Lightroom for Mac and Windows is a new Defringe control for removing purple or green fringes caused by lens chromatic aberrations. Lightroom for Android will now support batch editing for multiple images.

Previously available as a plug-in, Flat-Field Correction is now built into Lightroom Classic’s Library module. Flat-Field Correction helps correct for sensor and lens characteristics that can result in asymmetrical colour casts. It requires users to capture a calibration photo by shooting a flat, evenly illuminated reflective surface while keeping the lighting and lens aperture settings the same as those used for photos taken in the same situation. The Flat-Field Correction tool will analyse the calibration photo and then remove any colour casts due to the lens + sensor combination, resulting in a new DNG file.

Version 11.3 of Adobe Camera Raw adds support for the Canon EOS 200D Mark II, Panasonic DC-G95, Ricoh GR III, Ricoh Theta Z1, Sony DSC-RX0M2 and the front and rear cameras in the Google Pixel 3/3xl, Nokia 9 PureView and LG V40 ThinQ smartphones. The latest version is available via the Update function in software that supports this plug-in. Click here for full details of the latest releases.