Adobe has released the latest versions of its enthusiast-level photo and video editing software applications, which include new and enhanced features.


One of the new functions offered in Photoshop Elements 15 is a text editing function that enables users to turn photos into customised text. (Source: Adobe.)

The new updates will enable users to organise, edit, create and share their photos and videos easier and more effectively. Some of the more exciting new features include:

– Adjust facial features, which enables users to adjust squinting eyes, turn frowns into smiles, change facial expressions and make other quick tweaks to ensure everyone in the photo looks happy;
– Turn photos into text and add embellishments like embossing and drop shadows to customise the results for use in collages, scrapbook pages, cards and signs;
– Easily animate text and graphics   to create moving titles for movies;
– Create dynamic collages with photos and videos for sharing on Facebook, YouTube, and other social sites;
– Paint an effect over subjects and add textures and colour themes to create artworks for sharing;
– Smart tags enable users to tag photos based on subject matter to make sorting photos even easier;
– Remix music to produce soundtracks that automatically match the length of movies;
– Create collages of effects for adding to single photos;
– Enhanced Guided Edits take users step-by-step to obtain the results they want.
– Photo remixes and mashups are made easy with Photomerge Compose.  
– The Photomerge Panorama function blends, fills in jagged edges, and stitches together multiple horizontal or vertical photos

The Organiser and Quick Edit mode are now touch friendly, making it easier to sort and apply quick enhancements to pictures via touch-screens. New filter enhancements make it easier to choose the best filter for a photo and fine-tune it. Other enhancements include a haze filter and camera shake removal function.
The combined Photoshop Elements 15 and Premiere Elements 15 package is available from the Adobe online store for AU$199.99, with upgrades from previous versions available for AU$149.99. Photoshop Elements 15 is available as a stand-alone application for AU$129.99 with upgrades from previous versions priced at AU$99.99. For more information, visit