Adobe has updates its Lightroom CC applications and added support for five new devices and 18 lenses to its Camera Raw raw file processor.

Lightroom CC v1.4 provides automatic synching for Presets and Profiles (including third-party, custom user presets and profiles) across Lightroom CC desktop and mobile applications, along with the ability to choose to show or hide various preset/profile groups. New Manage Profiles and Manage Presets options  are added to the relevant browsers. Users can now copy the edits from a photo and paste across multiple photos and restore photo edits to the state when the image was last opened in Lightroom CC.  A new option to sort the grid photos by  File Name  has been added. Improvements have also been made to batch syncing of settings across multiple images as well as the options for sharing albums. Full details can be found at

Lightroom Classic CC v7.4 is part of an on-going rollout of updates. It provides the most of same additions for managing Presets and Profiles,  new colour labels for organising folders and improved ways for searching inside and between them. Details can be found at

The latest devices added to Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) are the Fujifilm X-T100, Pentax K-1 II (Dynamic Pixel Shift Resolution is not currently supported),  Phase One IQ3 100MP Trichromatic (preliminary support only) and the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+.   ACR is updated automatically by most CC applications. Visit Adobe has also added support for 18 new lenses. Details at