Two new courses are being added to the Australian Centre for Photography’s regular tutorial offerings.

Each consisting of five three-hour classes, the new courses Adventures in the Landscape and The Magic of Night Photography are designed to help photographers explore new areas. The first will be led by experienced landscape photographer, Murray Vanderveer, while the second will be conducted by ‘painting with light’ specialist, Peter Solness. These two practical courses offer students hands-on experience in photographing outdoors and in low light. Both new courses also include a Photoshop session and a visit to Pixel Perfect to help understand the importance of post-production and print.
The fee for each course is AU$475 ($415 concession). The Magic of Night Photography begins on 23 July, with Adventures in the Landscape starting on 30 August.   Visit the ACP website at or phone (02)  9332 0555 for more information.