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Inside this issue”¦

A long way to the top: Craig Newell shares the secrets behind his success as a commercial photographer.

Vintage storytelling: By not going by the book when photographing independent winemakers in South Australia’s Barossa Valley, a book is what Bernadette Kaeding ended up with.

Australia’s open range zoos: A visit to one of our local open range zoos will let you shoot close-ups of iconic African animals ““ and some local rarities as well.

Ten shooting tips for everyday photographers: All photographers should regularly take stock of their equipment and shooting practices.

Printing – we’ve never had it so good: With improvements in resolution and colour gamut, and the range of options available, photographic printing is the less noticed part of the digital imaging revolution.

Shoot to give: How to use photography to support a worthy cause.

Insider: How photography is changing – we look at how market trends are changing the equipment we use and how we use it.

Image Review: It’s simple ““ submit your favourite images for review and you will be in the running for a Fujifilm X-A3 with XC16-50mm lens, valued at $949.

Photo Challenge: Top images from our Light and Shade Challenge and something completely different for this issue’s contest.

Net Effect: Eclectic as ever, your editor has once again accumulated a collection of almost completely unrelated but nevertheless interesting and instructive links to various topics photographic.

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