An easy to follow guide to the basics of great travel photos.


“Comprehensive, no nonsense guide to travel photography” (Amazon review)

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An easy to follow guide to the basics of great travel photos, including:

– How to select the right gear to take on your next trip;
– How to “tell a story” with your travel photos;  
– Tips and advice on composition, shooting in transit, photographing cities, scenery, people, moving subjects, close-ups, and sensitivity to local cultures.

Fully illustrated with more than 50 high quality images from many locations around the world.

Read on your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Kindle, tablet, smartphone, laptop, PC or Mac.


  1. Travel Light
    – Should You Buy a New Camera?
  2. Tell a Story
  3. Show Respect
  4. Keep it Simple
    – Shooting in Transit; Shooting Scenery; Shooting in Cities; People Pictures; Sunrise and Sunset Shots; Moving Subjects; Close-ups.
  5. Share Thoughtfully
    – En-route options; Slideshows;  Photo Books;  Framed Prints.

Travel Photography

Volume 1: Travel Photo Essentials
On sale: November 2011
Author: Margaret Brown
Cover price $6.99
ISBN 978-0-9871595-5-7

New edition available here

About the Author:
Margaret Brown has travelled extensively with camera in hand. She has been writing on photography for more than 30 years, and she has been taking and printing photos since the age of 9. Currently her authoritative camera and lens reviews and technique articles appear in enthusiast photographic magazine and website, Photo Review, and she is author of the popular and extensive Photo Review Pocket Guide series, and the Australian Consumer Association’s Choice Guide to Digital Photography.

Sample Images from  Travel Photography:


Icebergs photographed with the sun behind the camera during twilight just north of Ilulissat in Greenland.


A very conventional shot of tourist villas over the water on Moorea Island in Tahiti. Note the very small shadows beneath the buildings due to the sun being almost directly overhead.


Fill-in flash was used to brighten up the dark stone wall on this ancient mill building in Orkney. It also boosted image colour and saturation in very flat lighting.

New edition available here