Astrophotography pocket guide provides expert, easy to follow advice on photographing the Sun, Moon, planets, constellations and transient events like star trails, comets, eclipses and auroras.

Astrophotography pocket guide shows you:
– Best times of the year for spectacular dark sky images.
– Equipment advice, shooting and lens tips, and camera settings.
– How to photograph the Moon, Blue Moon, Blood Moon, Super-moons and eclipses.
– Solar photography tips for filters, timing, solar eclipses, silhouette, sunrises and sunsets.
– Wide field astrophotography, shooting star trails, Live Composite modes.
– Deep-sky photography for images of nebulae, galaxies and star clusters.
– Telescope types, mounts, camera choices and shooting tips.
– Astro image editing tips for white balance, sharpening  and noise reduction.
– Recommended astrophotography locations.

Illustrated with superb night sky images, Astrophotography covers everything from location, equipment choices and camera settings, through to editing and optimising your images for sharing and display.

Print edition
RRP: $24.99
Format: A5, 80 pages, PUR bound, printed in Australia with ISO 14001 Environmental Accreditation
ISBN: 978-1-922156-60-0
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Ebook edition
RRP: $14.99
Format: PDF, A5, 80 pages
ISBN: 978-1-922156-60-0
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About the Author
Margaret Brown is technical editor of  Photo Review Australia magazine and website and has been writing on photography for more than 35 years. Margaret is author of the popular and extensive Photo Review Pocket Guide series and the Australian Consumer Association’s Choice Guide to Digital Photography.

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