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Norman Shapro

The gritty stuff inside my garden leek.

Clasp 3

Norman Shapro

When rainforest vines grow into each other.

Clasp 2

Norman Shapro

When rainforest vines grow into each other.

Clasp 1

Norman Shapro

When rainforest vines grow into each other.

5 Fingers

Norman Shapro

When rainforest vines grow into each other.

Elephant cuddle

Stephen Powell

Mother and aunties surround the baby for shade and protection. They all want to be able to current and cuddle the new member of the herd. They area all covered with dust from a nearby bright orange termite mound.

Bridge by moonrise

George Skarbek

Kilcunda bridge (about 110 km from Melbourne)
Taken at 20 seconds at F4 and ISO 4000 about 15 minutes after moon rise.

Hiding the Milky Way In My Chimney

Andrew Corbett

The Galactic Core of the Milky Way is often clearly visible with the naked eye over my home. Winter nights provide remarkably clear views of the cosmos, but it was only on this night that I discovered why. It appears that the Milky Way hides by day in my fireplace and comes out by night through my chimney – and here’s the photographic proof!


Brendan Camp

Pag Island is off the coast of Croatia, the image was taken on a bridge linking the island off Croatia, the majority of the landscape is rocky and off white colour, it is surreal to see for the first time, hence the title. This was not the best time of the day to take this image as it would be stunning at sunrise/ sunset

Milky Night Over My Home

Andrew Corbett

The absence of big city light pollution makes my home the ideal vantage point on planet earth for looking at the Milky Way from the comfort of our driveway.

My Home By Night

Andrew Corbett

I’m privileged to live where there is very little light pollution. This makes the night sky’s view of the Milky Way quite accessible – except when pesky summer clouds unexpectedly join in.


The fjords and glaciers of Patagonia seem particularly blue

Autumn Morning

Neil Sinclair

Lake Wendouree in Ballarat is beautiful in any season and my special time is early morning in Autumn. The air is crisp, the view soft and misty.

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