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Dragonfly wings


Delicate wings of a dragonfly. Like a stained glass window.

Still wild and proud!

Stephen Powell

Silverback gorilla. Photographed at Melbourne Zoo. I love his proud and stoic nature!

Father’s Day

Ian Reichstein

Took my ailing father to his favourite spot on the River Murray

happy face

Arik S Mintorogo

Not all children have access to get a lesson in school properly with the limitations of school buildings constructed what their school equipment shortages especially notebooks, pens ..etc. Their surprised when we came and give them some of stationery school.

Working on Noosa beach

Hunter Brownscombe

When walking along the beach at Noosa, I came across this fellow, one morning, searching the beach for treasures.

Flowering hovea

Hunter Brownscombe

This native Hovea acutifolia (pointed-leaf hovea) has been flowering recently and looks spectacular.

Mumbai Dock

Neil Glick

Fishing boats at Mumbai early morning


Neil Glick

Piggy tail from 2016 Chinese New Year


Neil Glick

Fish in blue bowl – South Sulawesi

Meandering Stream

Terrence Everson

Koorawatha Falls Reserve central tablelands NSW.


Norman Shapro

Local layered rocks that have been pushed around a bit.

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