All your photos centrally stored, easily managed, and accessible on your choice of devices. [QNAP Featured Promotion]


QNAP provides reliable solutions to store and backup all types of files including your RAW and edited images.

“The most precious things I have are my images and the files that I created. I have been running the same QNAP NAS drives for 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year for the past six years. I put my past and future, daily, into QNAP’s hands.”
Vincent Vercace, USA Nikon Ambassador

“As a professional photographer, the most valuable items I possess are the images I have captured for clients and myself. Knowing that these files are safely stored using the QNAP NAS, I can rest assure that I will not only have them safely backed up, but also have instant access anywhere around the world. QNAP has become essential part of my workflow and backup system.”
Kenny Kim, Destination Wedding Photographer

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QNAP NAS provides your main storage point, and from there your images can have additional back up to the public cloud, to another QNAP NAS, or to an external device.

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RAID configuration reduces the risk of data loss caused by unexpected hard disk failure.

QNAP supports AES 256-bit encryption and provide essential protection methods including 2-step verification, shared folder encryption, and instant notifications to mobile devices to ensure photos and files are safely stored.
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Access and Share
Access and share your files anytime, anywhere from any device, securely.
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Flexible and Expandable
QNAP expansion units make it easy to expand your storage as and when needed.

QNAP makes it easy for photographers to backup and share content from one centralized workstation:

1. After each shoot, import your photos onto the QNAP NAS via USB one-touch-copy.

2. Edit imported images and create projects/folders.

3. QNAP simultaneously backs up your edited images to cloud services or another external drive.

4. Share your images via download links to customers/friends.

If you ever need to take your photos with you on USB storage, simply connect it to the QNAP NAS, tap the “Copy” button, and your photos will be instantly transferred to take with you on a USB.

Backup to cloud storage option
To provide an extra layer of protection, you can also directly back up content from the QNAP NAS to cloud storage services such as Dropbox ® , Google ® Drive, Amazon ® S3 and ElephantDrive ®.

Photo Station
The QTS Photo Station features an easy-to-use interface that allows you to intuitively manage, browse and display photos.

You can easily upload photos, create albums, change the display mode and share photos with your friends or customers.

Upload directly to social media, and geo-tagging on Google Maps allows you to retrace the steps of your life journey by geo-tagging where photos were taken, allowing you to see an overview of where you have visited.


Supports multiple playback devices
Stream and manage your photo to be played on different devices in different location at the same time by using Airplay, DLNA, Chromecast, and HDMI.

Advanced Search
Quickly find the desired photo by customized criteria including title, date, tag, or resolution.

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