[WD Featured Article] After every shoot the first step any photographer should take is to effectively back up your precious images.

You can’t go back in time to capture those moments again, so finding reliable backup tools is hugely important to run a successful professional photography business.   WD Red NAS Drives and the WD My Cloud EX4 provide a winning combination for safeguarding your image library.

The best backup solution for photographers is a robust Network Attached Storage (NAS) system using RAID enabled drives designed specifically for NAS. This is where the WD My Cloud EX4 and WD Red drives excel, working in tandem to provide low cost, reliable and feature-rich storage which will not only provide local backups but also give access to a library from anywhere in the world.


WD Red drives come in capacities of up to 4TB and are engineered as an affordable high performance 24/7 NAS solution.   The backbone of WD Red is the 3D Active Balance Plus technology which balances the platters of the drive, reducing vibration, extending the life span of the drive and ensuring maximum reliability.
 WD Red is also a very energy efficient NAS drive, making it cheaper to run.   The low power consumption also means they operate with minimal heat output for better long term reliability. WD Red drives are backed by a three year warranty.


The WD My Cloud EX4 is a small business-oriented NAS system designed to be used with WD Red drives.   Simple to set up and with a multitude of business oriented features, it can hold four drives which can be configured in multiple RAID configurations. By having your images on a RAID protected NAS device, you are assured that in the event of a drive failure, you can easily swap in a new drive without any loss of data.

Finally, as the name suggests, the My Cloud EX4 can also be used to create your own personal cloud storage space which allows you to upload your images directly to the EX4 while in the field. This feature can be invaluable by providing immediate protection for your images. The EX4 can be accessed from anywhere in the world using web-enabled mobile devices or computers, an especially useful feature for showing clients your work or downloading your images for off-site processing.  

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